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Corro Stories

Get Horse Show Ready with Ellesse Jordan Gundersen

By Riesa Lakin

Do you have a ritual for getting your horse ready to compete? Special soaps you like to use or tips and tricks to keep your horse clean or shiny?

Corro caught up with International Grad Prix Dressage rider and Corro Team Rider Ellesse Jordan Gundersen to take a look at her pre-horse show routine, and how she gets her horse so shiny for competition.

Watch the video below and don't forget to pick up Ellesse's favorite grooming essentials.


How I Groom My Horses To Get Ready For Horse Shows

Whether you plan on bathing your horse or not, here are some tips from professional rider Ellesse Jordan Gundersen that anyone can do at home:

Start with quality brushes

Roma Miracle Brush

It's great. It look tough, but it's actually soft and flexible, and it acts like a curry comb, really picking up any dirt hidden in your horse's coat. I even washed him before this video and this brush still brings up more dirt that I thought was washed away. Every single horse of mine really loves this brush.

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Roma Brights Massage Glove

This is great to use whether you want to curry your horse or give them a bath. I like it because it gives the horse a bit of a massage.

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Roma Brights Body Brush

It's great to have some solid brushes in your grooming box. I like soft brushes. I don't like using hard brushes on myself, so I would think my horses wouldn't enjoy it either.

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Tough-1 Great Grip Finishing Brush

Again, I really like soft brushes. I think having great quality brushes is what makes your horses shiny, and brings out their dapples. Plus, they enjoy being brushed. It's like a massage for them and it really helps their coats look their best.

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Pre-ride products to help your horse feel good

Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment

I love Sore No-More, but the Ultra Liniment is by far my favorite product. It is their strongest liniment but it's still USEF and FEI legal. It has Arnica, Rosemary, Ginger, Comfrey to help the muscles feel better. When you spray it directly on the horses' muscles it helps warm up the muscles and gets blood flow, so I like to use it both before and after their rides. I like to spray it on their neck, back, and their hamstring/glute area

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Get their coat to shine

Carr & Day & Martin Dream Coat

I love a good shine spray to help my horse's coat. Just make sure you find one that doesn't make their coat slippery and could cause the saddle to slip. I put it everywhere--the coat, tail, etc. Just don't spray the mane if you plan on braiding your horse, as it makes the mane slippery to braid.

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Don't forget the legs

Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder

This is a fancy baby powder, but totally worth it because it has a lot more benefits than regular baby powder. It's talc-free, non-toxic, and helps with any scratches, fungus, and things like that. Plus it has a cooling peppermint oil that smells great and feels good on the horse's body. I use the baby powder on my horse's white socks to make them look even whiter and keep their socks from getting too dirty.

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Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil, With Applicator

I use a bunch of hoof oils, but this is one of my favorites. It's for show ring shine, but you get more bang with your buck because it's also a nice anti-bacterial hoof oil as well. Make sure you put the powder on before the oil, so it doesn't stick to their hooves.

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What are your favorite hacks to get your horse shiny and clean? Feel free to let us know by emailing us at For more from Ellesse Jordan Gundersen, follow her on Instagram or Facebook.