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Discover Corro: Corro Top Rated

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By Caroline Cochran

Corro is dedicated to offering a curated selection of the best horse supplies from top brands. We know every horse deserves the best, and we understand how frustrating it can be for horse owners to find the best products for their partners.

That's why we started the Corro Top Rated program, the equestrian's go-to resource for top product reviews and recommendations by equine experts.


About Corro Top Rated

Corro Top Rated makes shopping for equestrian equipment and horse supplies simple with definitive rankings for every category of horse care products, from front boots to fly spray and shedding tools to medicated shampoos.

In every edition of Corro Top Rated, expert judges put Corro's best-selling products to the test to determine which brand outperforms the competition and earns the coveted Corro Top Rated blue ribbon.

Expert Reviews From Top Equestrian Judges

Every month, Corro asks 3 top equine professionals from every corner of the equine industry to test 5 products in side-by-side competition. Our judges incorporate the products into their daily routines and training programs to determine how they stand up to the rigors of everyday use in some of the top barns in the country.

Following the trial period, the judges provide a detailed review of each product, including specific scores for the product's performance in relevant areas such as effectiveness, design, and durability. Scores are then tallied to determine the overall winner of the category.

The in-depth review and ranking process provides valuable insight from experienced professionals for horse owners who want to provide their horses with the best quality supplies and equipment. If a brand can impress our judges and exceed expectations in a professional program, you can trust that you're buying a best-in-class product for your horse.

Top Rated Horse Supplies

Horse owners are familiar with the never-ending list of horse supplies and equipment their horses need to stay fit and healthy. Corro Top Rated aims to provide recommendations and rankings for products in every category to ensure horse owners can always find the best products, no matter what they need.

Recent editions of Corro Top Rated have reviewed and ranked the best products in a variety of horse care categories, including:

Corro plans to continue with new editions of Corro Top Rated every month, featuring the top products in every category and new celebrity judges from all disciplines. Check out the latest editions of Corro Top Rated to read our judges' reviews and see recommendations for products in all of the above categories and more.

Corro Top Rated Supports Charity

Giving back to the equestrian community is at the heart of Corro's mission. That mission is central to Corro's Top Rated Program, which goes beyond just helping horse owners make the best decisions to help their horses.

Every month, Corro Top Rated judges choose deserving charities to receive a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of a product featured in Corro Top Rated. Previous charities have included therapeutic riding programs, equine rescues, and other nonprofits dedicated to helping the horses and people who need it most.

If you know a top equestrian who wants to support great causes and review top products to help fellow horse lovers, nominate them to be a Corro Top Rated Judge.

Your Horse Deserves The Best

Shopping for the best horse supplies doesn't have to be complicated. With Corro Top Rated, you can trust the in-depth reviews and top recommendations from equine experts to make the decisions that matter most to your horse's health and well-being. Treat your horse like the champion he is and find the best-in-class products he deserves on Corro Top Rated.