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Corro Stories

Cavaletti Training For Horses With Max Amaya

By Caroline Cochran

Max Amaya is an accomplished trainer who is skilled at developing horses and riders to their maximum potential. After experiencing remarkable success in the international showjumping arena, Max established Stonehenge Stables to share his passion for the sport with his students, many of whom have achieved top rankings in the junior, amateur, and professional divisions.

We visited Max to get an insight into his training program and how he uses cavaletti exercises to prepare for competition. Watch the video and keep reading to learn more.


Top Tips From Max Amaya

  • Cavallettis are just as valuable to a five-star rider as they are to a green rider, as both riders will experience the same challenges in the task.
  • You can use cavaletti to replicate the challenges frequently found in the competition arena to identify any weaknesses or areas that need improvement.
  • Cavaletti exercises are beneficial for working on adjustability, control, precision, and approach.
  • It's essential to ensure that your horse listens properly to your aids so you can collect and extend him when needed on the course.
  • Horses are living things with good days and bad days. Listen to your horse to determine what he needs when preparing for a competition.

Max's Cavaletti Exercise

  1. Set up two outside lines on the long side of the ring
  2. Add an end cavaletti at each short side
  3. Set up a single stride cavaletti in the middle of the arena
  4. Begin with 9 strides on the outside lines and gradually decrease to 8 and then 7
  5. Use the single stride cavaletti in the middle to replicate an S curve and change directions