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Corro Stories

Corro Stories - Tue Aug 25 2020
How Jordan Allen Stays Focused & Sets Goals For The Future While Social Distancing
There’s no greater gift than being able to spend your time around horses. And no one knows that truth more than Jordan Allen. As a junior rider, she climbed the ranks in the hunters and equitation as a working student for Ashland Farms. Now, having finished her first year of college, you would think so much has changed. That may be, but her love for horses and spending any moment she can with them certainly has not. Find out how Allen has been spending her time during the pandemic, her plans for the future, her tips and tricks for riding different horses, and more.
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Corro Stories - Fri Aug 21 2020
How Do Horses Get Thrush & What Is The Best Thrush Treatment: Tips & Myth Busters For Equine Thrush
Thrush is a common, relatively non-threatening bacterial and fungal infection found mainly in the central groove of the hoof and regions adjacent to the frog. However, if left chronically untreated, infection and inflammation can spread to cause more debilitating cases of lameness. Learn how to identify and treat thrush, as well as the truth behind common myths associated with this type of infection.
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Corro Stories - Tue Aug 18 2020
Ask A Vet: What Are Summer Sores & How To Heal Them
Summer sores in horses are pesky and sometimes dangerous. With changing temperatures that extend warmer months, summer sores seem to be on the rise. Here’s what you need to know about these unruly infections, how to treat and prevent them, as well as some tips and tricks that will help in your horse's recovery.
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Corro Stories - Tue Aug 18 2020
Overcoming Fear and Getting Back On The Horse After a Bad Fall
Falling off a horse feels like a right of passage that every equestrian will come to head with at least once. Hopefully, you're able to get right back up and back on your horse. However, sometimes a fall can take a toll on you—both physically and mentally. After all, you just survived being flung from a 1,200 pound, half-wild animal. Learn how Bethann Coldiron recently recovered from a bad fall that left her with a concussion, broken collarbone, and a fear that sometimes felt worse than the physical injuries to find her groove again back in the saddle.
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Corro Stories - Wed Aug 12 2020
Communicating With Horses: How to Use Longe Lessons to Develop an Independent Seat for Clear Communication
Communication between horse and rider takes place through the aids: the seat, leg, and hand. Developing an independent seat means that the aids can be used clearly, preventing confusion. Work on the longe line is useful for developing a rider's seat because the rider can focus on their own position while the person longeing the horse is in control. USEF ‘S’ dressage judge Jennifer Roth shares her tips for using longeing as a critical tool to further developing your seat and ability to communicate with your horse with exercises you can try with your horse and are applicable for riders of all levels and disciplines.
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Corro Stories - Mon Aug 03 2020
5 Tips for Working with Young or Green Horses
Young horse development can be one of the most rewarding and accomplishing ventures and for some riders, it is their specialty. The process of developing young and green horses can be challenging, however, as your approach will need to be flexible to meet the horse’s ever-changing physical and mental abilities. The process has its ups and downs, but just like riding these athletes, it is important to always go forward! Here are five tips to help you stay on track as you navigate the fun, rewarding, and challenging world of working with the young or green horse.
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Corro Stories - Sun Aug 02 2020
What's In Your Go-To Horse Care Products: Breaking Down Common Ingredients
As consumers, more than ever, we are becoming increasingly aware of what ingredients are in the foods we eat and the products we buy. Today, consumers have more options and more information to find both products and brands that better align with their needs, but what about the horse market? Are we, as consumers, paying as much attention to the ingredients that are in our go-to horse care products? We interviewed Nicole Papandrea, founder and CEO of Knotty Horse Products, to breakdown what ingredients are essential to quality horse care and what to look for in order to identify marketing gimmicks.
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Corro Stories - Mon Jul 27 2020
#CorroCares Spotlight: How Communication with Horses Improves the Lives of Disabled Riders at GallopNYC
There is something about horses that is good for the soul, and communicating with horses develops a unique sort of language all its own, which is evident at GallopNYC. The therapeutic riding program, located in the heart of Queens, in New York City, uses the pleasures and skills of horseback riding and horse knowledge to build developmental, emotional, social, and physical skills for each of their riders.
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Corro Stories - Fri Jul 24 2020
Does The Shoe Fit? 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Farrier For You & Your Horse
Looking for a new farrier to support your horse and equine program? We know the importance of having a great farrier on your team, but how do you know if a farrier is great before it’s too late? We asked David Hallock CJF, AWCF—head instructor of the Michigan State University farrier school, education chairman of the American Farrier’s Association, and owner of 3R Forge and Farriery Services—to share his advice for selecting the best farrier to suit the needs of your unique program.
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Corro Stories - Wed Jul 22 2020
Show Your Horse Some Love with These Homemade Horse Treat Recipes
Every day should be horse appreciation day, but if you’re looking for an extra special way to show your horse just how much you love them, why not make them a delicious treat? Check out these 5 recipes for homemade horse treats!
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Corro Stories - Sat Jul 18 2020
Tips from the Top: Simple Tricks to Keep Your Horses Happy All Summer Long
Summer is here, which often brings with it lots of sunshine and pleasant riding conditions. It can also bring bugs, fungus, and extreme heat. So, how do equestrians tackle these issues and keep things moving forward in a comfortable, productive way? Check out these tried and tested tips from top-level professional grooms and industry experts for keeping your horse looking and feeling their best during these sunny months. Say goodbye to dehydration and irritating skin conditions, and hello to happy, healthy horses!
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Corro Stories - Sat Jul 18 2020
Corro's Guide to Equine Gastric Ulcers
Looking for the 411 on equine gastric ulcers? Check out our guide on what causes gastric ulcers, the symptoms, how to treat them, as well as how to prevent horses from even getting them. We want to help your horse feel their best, whether it's during work or while they're enjoying themselves in their stall or paddock!
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Corro Stories - Tue Jul 07 2020
9 Fly Control Strategies for Your Barn
Does it seem like flies are taking over your barn? Don’t fret…check out our fly control strategies for your barn. We will cover manure management, fly parasites, feed through products, fly traps and tapes, premise sprays, fly sprays, fly masks and sheets, fans, and housekeeping, so you can find the right strategy for your barn.
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Corro Stories - Thu Jul 02 2020
Water Training: Boyd Martin Eventing Builds Pond for Therapy and Conditioning
Using water training to help horses increase their fitness level or rehab from an injury isn't new. However, this past spring with horse sports locked down to COVID-19 and sidelined with an injury, Olympic event rider Boyd Martin decided to construct a conditioning pool on his own property to improve his horses’ fitness and training. Check out this exciting new feature (Video included!) and learn how it has helped to transform his horses, as well as ways you can use water training for therapy and conditioning.
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Corro Stories - Fri Jun 26 2020
Communicating With Your Horse: Riding Is a Two-Way Conversation with Anne Kursinski
Welcome to the first installment of Communicating With Your Horse—a new series we’ve created to help you strengthen your connection and communication skills with your horse! Learn how American showjumper and five-time Olympian Anne Kursinski teaches riders of all levels how to develop strong communication with horses and develop a health feel.
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Corro Stories - Tue Jun 23 2020
Spend More Time With Your Horse & Less Time Ordering Supplies Thanks to Autoship - Top Products to Put On Autoship Today
Never run out of your go-to barn and horse care essentials ever again with the help of Autoship. Check out the top products Corro customers are putting on Autoship, and set up your own Autoship orders today - helping you spend less time shopping and more time with your horse!
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