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Corro Stories

Corro Stories - Fri Aug 28 2020
What You Need to Know About the California Wildfires & How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster with Horses
Fire season has just begun here in California and in many other parts of the United States. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been faced with a harsh reminder that wildfires are unpredictable and pose a real threat to our equestrian communities. Here are some tips to help you and your horse stay safe during fire season.
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Corro Stories - Tue Aug 25 2020
How Jordan Allen Stays Focused & Sets Goals For The Future While Social Distancing
There’s no greater gift than being able to spend your time around horses. And no one knows that truth more than Jordan Allen. As a junior rider, she climbed the ranks in the hunters and equitation as a working student for Ashland Farms. Now, having finished her first year of college, you would think so much has changed. That may be, but her love for horses and spending any moment she can with them certainly has not. Find out how Allen has been spending her time during the pandemic, her plans for the future, her tips and tricks for riding different horses, and more.
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Corro Stories - Fri Aug 21 2020
How Do Horses Get Thrush & What Is The Best Thrush Treatment: Tips & Myth Busters For Equine Thrush
Thrush is a common, relatively non-threatening bacterial and fungal infection found mainly in the central groove of the hoof and regions adjacent to the frog. However, if left chronically untreated, infection and inflammation can spread to cause more debilitating cases of lameness. Learn how to identify and treat thrush, as well as the truth behind common myths associated with this type of infection.
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Corro Stories - Tue Aug 18 2020
Ask A Vet: What Are Summer Sores & How To Heal Them
Summer sores in horses are pesky and sometimes dangerous. With changing temperatures that extend warmer months, summer sores seem to be on the rise. Here’s what you need to know about these unruly infections, how to treat and prevent them, as well as some tips and tricks that will help in your horse's recovery.
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Corro Stories - Tue Aug 18 2020
Overcoming Fear and Getting Back On The Horse After a Bad Fall
Falling off a horse feels like a right of passage that every equestrian will come to head with at least once. Hopefully, you're able to get right back up and back on your horse. However, sometimes a fall can take a toll on you—both physically and mentally. After all, you just survived being flung from a 1,200 pound, half-wild animal. Learn how Bethann Coldiron recently recovered from a bad fall that left her with a concussion, broken collarbone, and a fear that sometimes felt worse than the physical injuries to find her groove again back in the saddle.
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Corro Stories - Wed Aug 12 2020
Communicating With Horses: How to Use Longe Lessons to Develop an Independent Seat for Clear Communication
Communication between horse and rider takes place through the aids: the seat, leg, and hand. Developing an independent seat means that the aids can be used clearly, preventing confusion. Work on the longe line is useful for developing a rider's seat because the rider can focus on their own position while the person longeing the horse is in control. USEF ‘S’ dressage judge Jennifer Roth shares her tips for using longeing as a critical tool to further developing your seat and ability to communicate with your horse with exercises you can try with your horse and are applicable for riders of all levels and disciplines.
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Corro Stories - Wed Jul 22 2020
Show Your Horse Some Love with These Homemade Horse Treat Recipes
Every day should be horse appreciation day, but if you’re looking for an extra special way to show your horse just how much you love them, why not make them a delicious treat? Check out these 5 recipes for homemade horse treats!
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Corro Stories - Fri Mar 27 2020
How to Measure Your Horse for Hoof Boots
Does your horse need hoof boots? Corro has a great selection of the best hoof boots. The key to finding the right size and getting the most out of your hoof boots is to take accurate measurements of your horse’s hooves. This simple, easy-to-follow guide provides information needed to select the right size for your horse.
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Corro Stories - Tue Mar 24 2020
Corro 101: Dressage Breaking Down “Equestrian Ballet” dancing...ballet on horseback. It’s so pretty, but what exactly is going on here? Don’t worry, Corro is here to break down this “equestrian ballet,” so the next time you’re wondering about watching or even riding dressage, you have the #CorroConfidence to sound like an expert or know just how technical and demanding this sport truly is!
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Corro Stories - Sun Feb 02 2020
Corro 101: The Rodeo! What You Need To Know Before You Go
At Corro, we're all about connecting throughout the equestrian industry and every discipline! Many of you may have heard about rodeos, and maybe you've even attended one—but do you know all of what you're watching or the history behind it? Cue this "Corro 101" about all things Rodeo. We created this guide anyone who may not be familiar with rodeo, the heritage of the rodeo, and the different equine sports involved. Whether you are thinking about or preparing for your first rodeo or you are a seasoned veteran, we hope you love this fun guide all the same!
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Corro Stories - Fri Jan 17 2020
Top Trending Products Corro Customers Can't Get Enough Of: January Edition
At Corro, we aim to provide our customers with their favorite brands and products for the best prices. The products you see on our site are because we've done a lot of research to ensure our products are great quality and can hold up to all the barn and horse-related elements. However, our biggest indicator of quality products is through your feedback and reviews. Who better to help us provide a curated selection of products than YOU, our amazing customers! Discover some of the best products in the business as we spotlight our top trending and top-rated products. Here's what Corro customers are excited about this month!
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