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Corro Stories

Corro Stories - Mon Nov 09 2020
How Top Equitation Trainer Stacia Klein Madden Plans Out The Year For Her Students
Stacia Klein Madden is a household name in the equitation, show jumping, and hunter world. Her reputation as a professional trainer, rider, judge, and clinician precedes her. But how is it that she creates customized plans for each of her 20 students and roughly 40 horses to help them achieve their goals for the year? Check out our interview with Stacia to find out what's happening behind-the-scenes and ways you can apply her process and tips to your own program and make this year your best year yet!
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Corro Stories - Sun Nov 08 2020
Chuy's Choices: Chuy Escalera's Go-To Products for When the Temperatures Start to Drop
Learn from international showjumping groom and barn manager Chuy Escalera on how he deals with the changing seasons from fall to winter. With over 14 years of experience, Chuy shares his top product recommendations and best practices to keep your horse feeling comfortable and looking great all winter long!
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Corro Stories - Tue Oct 27 2020
Cowboy Mounted Shooting with De Chapman
Have you ever been curious about Cowboy Mounted Shooting? Check out our interview with one of the sport's best Cowboy Mounted Shooters, De Chapman! She shares what made her jump from barrel racing to this small but exciting sport, what it takes to be a professional Cowboy Mounted Shooter, as well as the basics for anyone who may interested in learning more about Mounted Shooting.
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Corro Stories - Wed Oct 14 2020
American Bashkir Curly Horses: What You Need To Know About This Beautiful Breed
The American Bashkir Curly horse is a truly unique and special breed. Getting their name for their curly coats, Curly horses are one of the only horse breeds that are hypo-allergenic! Learn more about how these calm, inquisitive, and intelligent creatures are so versatile in their jobs and disciplines, as well as their looks!
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Corro Stories - Mon Oct 12 2020
Halloween Is Near! Here Are Corro's Favorite Costume Ideas For You & Your Horse
Halloween may look a little different this year, but that shouldn’t mean you have to put your creativity and enthusiasms on a shelf! To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite costumes we’ve found around the web and social media for both you and your horse!
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Corro Stories - Tue Oct 06 2020
From Youth Rider to Professional Trainer - How Josh Shino Became One To Watch in the Arabian World
In the world of Arabian horses, Josh Shino has made the impressive jump from youth rider to full-time professional trainer, running his own facility—Shino Training Center—within only a few short years. We sat down with the 19-time National Champion to discuss his journey breaking into the training industry, what things have helped mold his training techniques, and the benefits of learning multiple riding disciplines.
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Corro Stories - Sat Oct 03 2020
Help Your Horse Smoothly Transition into Fall with These Horse Care Tips & Tricks
Some of the largest horse grooming challenges come in the spring and the fall when your horse is shedding their coat. The fall shed is much less dramatic than the spring blow out, but it still happens. Here are our top tips when it comes to horse care to help your horse transition into fall with ease.
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Corro Stories - Fri Oct 02 2020
It’s Clipping Season: The Ultimate Guide To Clipping Your Horse
It's clipping season! If your horse needs one last good clipping before growing in their winter coat or needs some trimming to help keep their coat manageable for the season, we've created the ultimate guide to help you give your horse the perfect clip job. From prepping your horse to helping choose the right blade size, we've covered everything you need to make clipping season a little less hairy!
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Corro Stories - Thu Oct 01 2020
Corro's Favorite Products To Help Your Horse Sparkle & Shine
Shiny horses are healthy horses! There's no substitute for great grooming and care. Here's a round up of Corro Customers' favorite grooming products that they swear by to help maintain their horses' coat and make them shine.
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Corro Stories - Sat Sep 26 2020
Update Your Horse Care Routine with These Top Products for Fall
Fall is here! With the cooler temperatures and foliage comes a need to update your horse care routine in order to help them look and feel their best. Check out some of our favorite products to add to your grooming box and horse today!
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Corro Stories - Thu Sep 24 2020
What It Takes to Be a Professional Polo Player with Jared Sheldon
From the outside world, watching a polo match, especially a professional polo match, can look so seamless that many people may not realize how difficult or dangerous it can be or the hard work and training that is involved. We spoke with Jared Sheldon, a 4-goal handicap professional polo player who competes in California, Texas, and New York to learn more about what it takes to be successful at the top level – both from a rider and horse perspective.
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Corro Stories - Wed Sep 16 2020
Horse Conditioning for Top Performance
Horse training is essential for getting a horse to perform the task at hand, but conditioning is the key a horse's ability to execute every maneuver with energy and confidence. Learn how to create a comprehensive conditioning program by setting goals, creating benchmarks, and more to help your horse perform at their best, as well as avoid soreness, injury, and fatigue.
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Corro Stories - Fri Sep 11 2020
Cutting 101 with Grant Setnicka: The Ins & Outs of This Popular Equine Sport
Cutting is a traditional western event that started out on ranches, and is now a sport with members in all 50 U.S. states and 20 countries. We spoke with $3 million dollar rider Grant Setnicka to learn more about what it takes to excel in cutting and what the dance-like performance between horse and cow is all about.
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Corro Stories - Tue Sep 08 2020
Corro Courses: Equine Sheath & Udder Cleaning
Equine sheath cleaning and urogenital cleaning is key to preventing pain, discomfort, or even infection for your horse. Here's what you need to know about cleaning sheaths for geldings and stallions, as well as udder cleaning for mares.
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Corro Stories - Thu Sep 03 2020
Equine Kissing Spine: What Is It & Why It's No Longer a Career-Ending Condition
While kissing spine was once a career-ending diagnosis for performance horses, veterinary medicine has made great strides in the last 15 years, and more horse owners are seeking surgery to correct the condition. Learn more about kissing spine, the new game-changing procedures that are giving horses their careers back, and what the road to recovery looks like.
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Corro Stories - Fri Aug 28 2020
What You Need to Know About the California Wildfires & How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster with Horses
Fire season has just begun here in California and in many other parts of the United States. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been faced with a harsh reminder that wildfires are unpredictable and pose a real threat to our equestrian communities. Here are some tips to help you and your horse stay safe during fire season.
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