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Corro Stories

Corro Stories - Wed Sep 08 2021
How U.S. Showjumper Hannah Selleck Uses The Pessoa Lunging System To Improve Her Horses’ Fitness & Communication Out of the Saddle
The Pessoa Lunging System is a valuable tool for promoting better balance and topline development in horses. In our latest video, Corro Team Rider and U.S. Showjumper Hannah Selleck discusses how she uses this training aid with her horses to help them learn how to carry themselves. Check out the video and keep reading to learn how to lunge your horse in a Pessoa rig and find out more about Hannah.
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Corro Stories - Wed Sep 01 2021
Horse Wormer Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Equine Internal Parasites and Deworming Your Horse
Internal parasites are tiny worms that can cause big problems in horses. Working with your veterinarian to develop a strategic deworming plan is vital for your horse's health and the health of future generations of equines. Keep reading to learn more about common types of worms in horses, methods for assessing your horse's parasite load, and how to choose the best horse wormer for your horse.
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Corro Stories - Wed Aug 25 2021
Heat and Ice Therapies for Horses
When it comes to your horse's comfort, making sure their muscles, joints, and soft tissues stay healthy is a top priority, and therapeutic treatments can help. Both heat therapy and ice therapy are common and effective treatments, but do you know which to use and when? We explore the benefits of both and provide an easy guide of how to use each treatment to better support your horse's wellbeing.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 19 2021
Can CBD Really Work for Horses? - An Interview with Founder of Mikko’s Choice: CBD Pellets for Horses
With all the rave about CBD products over the past couple of years, it’s about time to see it enter the horse world. We’ve all heard numerous success stories regarding humans and dogs, but can CBD really work for horses? We sat down with Emma Brayfield, owner and founder of Mikko’s Choice, to tell us everything there is to know about CBD, its effects on horses, and how to use it properly.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 19 2021
Polo 101: Everything You Need To Know About One Of The Oldest Team Sports
While the sport is often associated with fancy attire and finger food, polo is more than just a seasonal social event. Here’s everything you need to know before the match to appreciate the skill, coordination, and teamwork of horses and riders that make polo so exhilarating.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 12 2021
From Everyday Life to the Paralympics: Beatrice de Lavalette Conquers All
With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games approaching, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on what truly makes an athlete, an athlete. Is it their strength? Fitness level? Stamina? Consistency? While all of these factors are of consideration, there is one athlete in particular who puts all Olympic athlete qualifications into perspective.
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Corro Stories - Thu Aug 12 2021
Corro’s Top 10 Calming Supplements
Equine calming supplements can help promote quiet behavior in spooky or anxious horses that have difficulty adjusting to change or stressful situations. It’s essential to understand which calming supplement is the best fit for you, your horse, and your goals. So we put together a list of our Top 10 calming supplements to help you and your horse worry less. Keep reading to learn more about the best equine calming supplements and how your horse can benefit from calming support.
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Corro Stories - Fri Aug 06 2021
Get Horse Show Ready with Ellesse Jordan Gundersen
Do you have a horse show or competition coming up soon? Discover how International Grand Prix Dressage rider Ellesse Jordan Gunderson gets her horses ready for the show ring. Trust us when we say if you try it yourself, your horse will certainly sparkle and shine!
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Corro Stories - Mon Aug 02 2021
Keep the Water Flowing for Your Horse's Hydration Health
Proper hydration is key to keeping your horse happy and healthy. Dehydration can cause noticeable physical changes in your horse. Make sure you know the warning signs of dehydration and what products will keep your horse hydrated in the heat and cold.
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Corro Stories - Wed Jul 21 2021
The SMART Equestrian's Jenna Knudsen Shares Her Tips On How To Treat Ourselves Like We Do Our Horses - With Love & Respect
Equestrians are special people and we love our equestrian life, right? How lucky are we to share in this extraordinary lifestyle and passion? Sunrise at the barn, the smells of hay, horses and coffee as we muck our stalls and feel the energy or fur gurus surrounding us. Maybe your joy is from the show world and you derive your joy from training and competing. Maybe it is visiting your horse and sharing quiet moments together. Maybe it's riding in the woods, working in the ring, or just helping a horse grow old gracefully. No matter your particular equestrian discipline, the one thing we share no matter what is our total dedication and commitment to our beloved horses. And might I add, at any cost?
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Corro Stories - Thu Jul 15 2021
Common Horse Skin Conditions
Caring for your horses' skin is a year-round deal, but summertime can bring with it some unwanted skin conditions. Liv Gude breaks down these common conditions that may be plaguing your barn and her favorite products to provide the relief your horse may need.
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Corro Stories - Wed Jul 14 2021
Mane and Tail Grooming and Care
Healthy, shiny, thick, long mane and tails are what every horse owner strives for, and you’re not alone if you struggle with attaining this end-product. There are many factors that go into a healthy mane and tail for your horse. We asked Live Gude to put together her guide on mane and tail grooming and care.
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Corro Stories - Tue Jun 01 2021
Meet The Compton Cowboys & How They're Supporting Their Community Through Horseback Riding
Corro has partnered with NOËLLE FLOYD to share the stories of the founding members of the Compton Cowboys. Together, this collective group of lifelong friends are on a mission to support inner-city youth and their community through horseback riding, and to combat negative stereotypes about African-Americans in the Los Angeles-area city of Compton. Watch videos that highlight their inspiring stories, as well as find out how you can support this wonderful organization by donating horse care essentials to support their operations.
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Corro Stories - Sun May 02 2021
Corro 101: The Ins, Outs, and All Arounds of Barrel Racing
If you’re a part of the rodeo world, you’re probably already familiar with the sport of barrel racing. If not, just imagine both horse and rider traveling at full speed around three standing barrels competing for the fastest time. Learn more about this exciting sport in our latest edition of Corro 101.
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Corro Stories - Sat Apr 17 2021
Horse Joint Health — Caring For Your Horse's Joints
Your horse's joints are key to their overall health. But, do you know exactly what they do and how to care for them? We created the ultimate guide for understanding and caring for your horse's joints.
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Corro Stories - Mon Mar 29 2021
Lower the Risk of Horse Colic With These Easy Steps
Colic can strike at any time, but with spring comes a change in weather, fresh luscious grass, and stress due to change in fitness routine—all which can lead to colic. Here are some easy steps to transition into spring and lower your horse's risk of colic.
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