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Join our affiliate program and earn cash when you refer your friends to Corro.

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Program Details

At Corro, everything we do is for the love of the horse. We're passionate about giving our fellow horse lovers everything they need to help their horses thrive.

Our equine affiliate marketing program allows us to give back to equestrians who help us spread the word about our brand. You can earn cash just by referring your friends and followers to Corro. Keep reading to find out how.

Program Details

Earn a 10% Commission on any sales you make

You'll earn credit on all sales that are made within 45 days of someone clicking one of your links

Top Affiliates Earn Gift Cards, Free Product and Shoutouts on Social Media

Earn Money With Equestrian Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate program isn't just for professional equine bloggers and equestrian influencers. We invite any Corro enthusiast and horse lover to apply, from pleasure riders to dressage queens and eventing enthusiasts. Every Corro affiliate can earn a 10% commission on any sales they make. All you have to do is share a unique link. You will earn credit for any sales made within 45 days of someone clicking on one of your links, and your friends can also save with a special 10% discount on their first order. Horse affiliate programs are ideal for anyone interested in earning passive income online. And when you join our equine affiliate network, you make that extra cash by helping other equestrians find a curated selection of top products to help their horse.

Join Our Affiliate Program And Start Earning Today

Are you a content creator, blogger, or website owner looking for a way to monetize your traffic and help equestrians at the same time? If so, we invite you to join our equine affiliate marketing program so we can reward you for recommending Corro and helping us reach new customers.

Find out why Corro has one of the best affiliate programs for equine content creators. Join today and start earning cash by helping horse lovers discover Corro, the one source for all things horse.

How Does Corro's Affiliate Program Work?

New affiliates accepted to the affiliate marketing program will receive unique links to share with friends and followers. Whenever a customer completes a purchase within 45 days of clicking on your link, you earn a 10% affiliate commission through ShareASale. Affiliates can also share a custom link that gives their friends a 10% referral discount on their first qualifying order. Whether you just want to share your affiliate links with friends or grow your potential audience as wide as possible is up to you. Promote your text links on your own website, blog, or social media to spread the word about Corro. Our affiliate program offers an exceptional opportunity for affiliate marketers to monetize content about horsemanship, horse care, horse training, and horse supplies. Instead of relying on Amazon affiliate programs that offer a disappointing payout for pet products, you can join an affiliate network dedicated entirely to equestrian sports and all things horse. Creating content around your favorite products, riding apparel, horse supplements, and horse tack will help horse lovers find what they need and give you more opportunities to earn a generous commission.